Before ordering, please read the TOS regulations!


BEFORE - Make sure you're certain about the design you've chosen to submit for the commission and what type of fursuit or additional parts you want. Send a clear reference sheet of the character (without shadows, only flat colors), preferably with 2-3 views: front, back, side.

AFTER - Significant changes to the fursuit will no longer be possible. Minor alterations can be made (additional cost may apply) if you inform us in advance, preferably before starting the commission.


After accepting the order, to reserve a place in the queue, you must pay 30% of the non-refundable advance (to cover the cost of materials partially) needed reserve a queue. We accept payments via PayPal and transfer to a bank account. Full payment is required before starting work on the fursuit, we will also inform you when the payment must be fully processed. If the remaining amount is not paid on time, the place in the queue may change / the execution time may be extended.


We do not accept any deadlines. We don't want to rush into anything because we need to take care of the details and the quality of the fursuit (which takes time)
Factors affecting the completion time include:
-the size of the queue
-availability of materials
-delivery time
-from the complexity of the fursuit
We can only provide an approximate completion date, just before finishing the fursuit.


To make a full fursuit, at the first place, we need DTD. please make a DUCT-TAPE-DUMMY. Please use strong, high-quality tape to make the Dust Tape Dummy. DTD must be made on a painting suit. If we receive a DTD and it is of poor quality, it will be rejected (this is the basic part, necessary to create an fursuit). We will also need the dimensions of the head, and foot, and an outline of the hand. More information will be sent during the e-mail conversation when ordering the fursuit.


Shipping is not added to the price of the order, it is calculated after its completion, and additional costs must be taken into account.
We do not take any responsibility for lost or damaged products due to suppliers. We offer international shipping.


The buyer is entitled to a one-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and defects in the fursuit. If the customer modifies the fursuit, it will void the warranty.
The customer decides whether the defect arose as a result of customer use or a manufacturing error. The customer pays for shipping both ways.


Refunds will be processed within 30 days, after receiving the correct refund form to email furryfactory@gmail.com. Advance payment is reserved for materials & fur and the queuing slot is non-refundable. In special cases, the sum of costs incurred exceeds the advance payment, and the amount may differ After prior agreement with the customer.